Services rendered by SHERDA

SHERDA offers a variety of development programmes for poverty alleviation and sustainable rural development in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria in particular and the entire country as a whole.

Existing programmes include the following:

Sustainable Agriculture and Small Scale Enterprise

This is our area ofprincipalfocus and it includes the following among others:

1.On-farm vocational training programme and management of model farms.

2.Integrated farming and rural farming enterprise development.

3.Conservation of wetlands and endangered species, soil conservation and forestry.

4.Improved crop production and management.

5.Improved livestock and micro livestock production.

6.Improved small-scale irrigation systems and agricultural mechanization.

7.Beekeeping and Honey production, Aquaculture, and Mushroom cultivation.

8.Family Life Development, and Agro-processing and Utilization.

9.Effective management, marketing and storage of farm produce.

10.Effective use, construction, repairs and maintenance of farm structures and farm


11.Basic food processing technology and nutritional health.

Basic Education and Adult Literacy Programme

1.Youth development skills acquisition training programme and human resources development.

2.Institutional capacity building.

3.Provision of infrastructures and amenities.

4.Adult literacy programme.

Economic Productivity and Self Help Programme

1.Income-generating programme

2.Business and Local Development Plan formulation, facilitation and implementation.

3.Poverty alleviation programme

4.Micro- finance and business development programme.

5.Management & leadership training for groups and associations

6.Small-scale enterprise development programme.